The paperback and hardcover editions are available at cost, plus handling, postage, administration, and a small surcharge for delivery insurance. Please select the price for your address, and pay accordingly. One book per order: no exceptions, no bulk orders, no reduction for commercial companies.

Europe, United Kingdom, Scandinavia

  • Price Paperback €70
  • Price Hardcover €75

Countries outside the European Union, Great Britain and Scandinavia, but not Asia, Australia, New Zealand.

  • Price Paperback €75
  • Price Hardcover €85

Countries in Asia, Australia, New Zealand

  • request an invoice for countries in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, or if you prefer payment by bank overdraft

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We ship using postnl because its international rates are lower. However, in recent years, their service has been unreliable. Orders have been returned “undeliverable” without explanation. If after a second attempt to mail your order fails, your order will be cancelled, and payment returned.

Please choose an address that underpaid postal service workers can quickly and easily find and deliver on the first attempt. If you wish to use a more reliable service (DHL) please request an invoice.

If you wish to provide a telephone number for the postal service, please include it in your paypal order, or place the order by requesting an invoice.